Meir Ezra Blog – Success story

I wanted to thank you once again and share some big wins. I’m so excited!

For the last four years my daughters’ father has shut out myself, Tasha and Justine (though he still saw Vanessa, our oldest daughter). I realized that I am open to talking to him, but it never goes anywhere because I don’t even know where to find him.

Vanessa told me this morning that he wants to talk to me in person. I truly believe it happened because of Fear to Freedom.

Second win… I hurt my back on Saturday. It got so bad I couldn’t even walk. I had to lie down because of the pain.

I immediately thought I’d have to book appropriate appointments to get it dealt with and then I remembered to do the touch assist, the process you taught us.

Immediately after ALL pain was gone. That’s it. So quickly. End of story.

Another… I was experiencing extreme tiredness for a couple of months that peaked to the worst last week. I decided that was enough. I decided to control my body – issued a command and the tiredness immediately lifted. And it is effortless to wake up now when before it was a painful experience.

So many things have shifted. I feel as if all parts of my life are being put through a different filter – if that makes sense.

The shift in me is so exciting. And I’m looking forward to so much more.

Caroline Klemens


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